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A Monogram is a diamond shape that consists of 3 upper case letters--Name initials with the initial for the last name usually in the middle.

embroidered monogram

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Embroidery Sizes:

bulletChest, sleeve or hat are small designs
bulletCenter front or back are large designs

Recommended Text Heights:  

bullet1/2" to 1" for Chest or Sleeve   
bullet1" to 4" for Center Front or Back or other items like towels & throws.

Maximum Size Limits for text:  

bullet4 1/2" for Chest & Sleeve 
bullet3" high & 6" wide for Hat Front
bullet10 3/4" for Center Front or Back  
bulletSpace between design & lines of lettering must be added to the total.  (Space is usually 1/2 the height of the lettering.)

Available Fonts:

Any 1 color font can be used except:

bullet2-Color Block

Charges based upon height of letters.  Minimum amount is $6.00 per location.  Your order will be manually adjusted to $6.00 after it is received if the embroidery amount ordered per location is less.

Letter Height
Determined at center of diamond
Cost per location
1/2" high $.50 or $6.00 if no other embroidery is added
3/4"high $1.00 or $6.00 if no other embroidery is added
1" high $1.50 or $6.00 if no other embroidery is added
1 1/4" high $2.00 or $6.00 if no other embroidery is added
1 1/2" high $2.50 or $6.00 if no other embroidery is added
1 3/4" high $7.00
2" high $9.00
2 1/2" high $12.00
3" high $17.00
3 1/2" high $22.00
4" high $26.00

Monogram Points below can be added for $1.50 per set with up to 2" high letters;  2 1/2" - 4" high letters cost $3.00 per set.  You will be charged $1.50 in the shopping cart, but your order total will be manually adjusted after it is received.  

Size of points will be in proportion to letter height.

Embroidered monogram points - 1
Embroidered monogram points - 2
Embroidered monogram points - 3
Embroidered monogram points - 4
Embroidered monogram points - 5
Embroidered monogram points - 6
Embroidered monogram points - 7
Embroidered monogram points - 8
Embroidered monogram points - flowers
Embroidered monogram points - leaves
Embroidered monogram points - sailboats
Embroidered monogram points - doves

Read Tips before placing order

bulletIf desired location is not listed, choose "Other" and specify location in "Special Instructions".
bulletIf chosen font has more than 1 color (1"-4" high), be sure to select multi-color when choosing letter height.

# of 3-letter monograms:
Item to be Embroidered:
Font Name:
Thread Color:
Desired Letters in order left to right:
Center Letter Height:
Special Instructions: