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Michigan Military Moms (MMM) Shirts by Accent Embroidery
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Click here to open a separate page of the ORDERING INFORMATION below- We recommend you keep the window open until after you checkout so you can refer back to it, if necessary.

Embroidered Shirts Ordering Instructions

You can add words other than MMM round (sm) or arched (lg) to your embroidered design to personalize  or make a statement

bulletUse MMM link above to view Michigan Military Moms designs.
bulletUse Military-Patriotic link above to view general military & patriotic designs

Ordering Information:

bulletReview designs and items to be embroidered to determine color of item.  Some designs have open areas in which the color of the item to be  embroidered will affect the design.
bulletOrder item to be embroidered.  Red MMM polo shirts are usually Gildan 50/50 Jersey Knit.  
bulletClick Keep Shopping on checkout page.  This will return you to the page of the item you ordered
bulletClick Add Custom Embroidery at the item you ordered.
bulletIf you want a design, click Designs at the left & choose your design from the categories. 
bulletIf you want to add lettering, click Keep Shopping on checkout page.  This will return you to the page of the design you ordered.
bulletClick Return to Embroidery & then click Text  to the left.
bulletIf you would like to pick up your order at the Dearborn or Livingston MMM meeting, choose Customer Pick-Up for your shipping method & put which meeting to bring it to in the "Comments/Suggestions" box during checkout.  Your order will automatically be charged a $1.00 handling fee, but this charge will be removed before you are ultimately charged.
bulletOn the Shopping Cart page, put MMM in the Enter Tax ID box to keep from being charged sales tax.

Tips for embroidered shirts:
Any questions, contact me

bulletThe round MMM words can be added to any small design (up to 3")  The arched MMM words can be added to any large design (up to 6 1/2" high.  Order the design & words separately.
bulletThe design "MMM Logo" has all colors stitched.  The design "MMM Logo-No Red" uses the red color of the shirt instead of stitching the red areas.  (Many moms get this design.)  For  "MMM Logo-No White" & "MMM Logo-No Blue", the white or blue from the shirt is used instead of stitching white or blue areas.  Because there are fewer stitches, these designs cost less.
bulletWhen viewing designs, note the size.  Only designs with dimensions 4.5" and less can be put on the chest or sleeve.  Designs must be 2.5" or less high to go on the front of a hat.
bulletThe pictures of the designs sometimes show jump stitches between areas that will not be in the stitched design.
bulletMost designs can be increased or decreased in size up to 20%
bulletDesigns can be rotated left or right and some can be mirrored, or flipped vertically.  (Rotation degrees are approximate.)
bulletColors can usually be changed in a design.  Give part to be changed, current color, & new color (Ex:  Change claws & beak from yellow to gold.)  Be as specific as possible with color names.  There are numerous shades of each color (Ex:  navy blue, sky blue, mint green, olive green, etc.)
bulletDesigns can be combined (size allowing) to create just what you want.  Order each design separately & indicate in Special Instructions how you want the designs (Ex:  Design 1 name above Design 2 name, Design 1 name to left of Design 2 name, etc.)
bulletText can be added to any design to make a statement or personalize.  (Ex:  "Proud Army Mom" around the Army Emblem, "PFC Jones" below an EGA,  "My son's a Marine" around Semper Fi, etc.).  Use your imagination to create a unique design.
bulletWhen entering text, enter it exactly as desired using upper & lower case, all upper case, or all lower case letters (Ex:  PFC Jones, PFC JONES, or go army!).  Your lettering will be stitched exactly as you put it.  Remember that script fonts work best with upper & lower case letters.  Some fonts only have upper case letters.


Printed Shirts Ordering Instructions

MMM Logo can be printed on the center front of any shirt without buttons or jacket backs.

bulletAdd the printed logo to your shopping cart below. 
bulletFill out the ordering info below & click Add to cart.
bulletPut the total number of items that you want the logo to go on in the quantity box below.
bulletIf your order will include items without the logo, indicate which shirt(s)/jacket(s) the logo goes on.
bulletDearborn & Livingston groups: Items can be delivered at the meeting.  Check Deliver to Meeting & choose Customer Pick-Up for your shipping method during checkout.
bulletClick Continue Shopping
bulletChoose your shirt(s)/jacket(s) Items to be embroidered & put in the shopping cart.
bulletOn the Shopping Cart page, put MMM in the Enter Tax ID box to keep from being charged sales tax.
bulletOrders of 1 polo or t-shirt, will be shipped First Class Mail for $3.00 for t-shirt & $4.00 for polo. Please choose USPS Priority shipping & your credit card will be manually adjusted. 


Logo goes on this item (these items):
Deliver to Meeting-Dearborn & Livingston only
Special Instructions: