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Cities-States-Countries-Ethnic-Travel Add text to your design to personalize or make a statement
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If any changes are requested for a design or if any text is added, a picture of your complete design will be emailed to you for your review & approval prior to stitching.

Tips:    Please read before ordering
Any questions, contact us

Embroidery Sizes:

bulletChest, sleeve or hat are considered small designs
bulletCenter front or back are considered large designs

Recommended Text Heights:  

bullet1/2" to 1" for Chest or Sleeve   
bullet1" to 4" for Center Front or Back
bullet1/3" to 1/2" for Hat with design
bullet1/2" to 1" for Hat without design

Maximum Size Limits for design & text together:  

bullet4 1/2" for Chest & Sleeve 
bullet3" high x 6" wide for Structured Hat Front; 2" high x 6" wide for Unstructured Hat Front
bullet10 3/4" for Center Front or Back  
bulletSpace between design &/or lines of lettering must be added to the total.  (Space is usually 1/2 the height of the lettering.)

Design Tips

bulletWhen viewing designs, note the size.  
bulletMost designs can be increased or decreased in size up to 20% at no extra charge.   There is a one-time fee that starts at $5.00, depending upon the complexity of the design, to change the size if the change is more than 20%.  The cost to embroider the design will change, depending upon the final number of stitches.  Contact us for size changes over 20%.
bulletCheck multiple categories.  Examples:   Mascots contains many animals & any design can be used as a mascot.  Children contains all kinds of designs.  Countries-States-Ethnic has buildings with an ethnic flair.  Airplanes are under Transportation-Racing-Airplanes, but Military-Patriotic has military-style airplanes.  Boats are in Nautical, Military-Patriotic and Fishing.
bulletThe pictures of the designs sometimes show jump stitches between areas that will not be in the stitched design.
bulletDesigns can be rotated left or right & most can be mirrored, or flipped vertically.  (Rotation degrees are approximate.)  Remember that rotating the design can increase or decrease the height & width.
bulletColors can usually be changed in a design.  Indicate part to be changed, current color, & new color (Ex:  Change claws & beak from yellow to gold.)  Be as specific as possible with color names.  There are numerous shades of each color (Ex:  navy blue, sky blue, mint green, olive green, etc.)
bulletDesigns can be combined (size allowing) to create just what you want.    Order each design separately & indicate in Special Instructions how you want the designs (Ex:  Design 1 above Design 2, Design 1 to left of Design 2, etc.)  If the combined design is less than 6,000 stitches, the total cost will be $6.00 .  Your shopping cart total will include the full price for each design, but your order will be adjusted manually before your credit card is ultimately charged.
bulletText can be added to any design to make a statement or personalize.  (Ex:  "I love my Lab" above a Labrador retriever, "Lansing Eagles" above & below an eagle,  "My son's a Marine" around the Marines emblem, Bride & Groom's names & wedding date above a heart with champagne glasses, Baby's name & birthdate around a stork holding a baby.  Use your imagination to create a unique design.
bulletWhen entering text, enter it exactly as desired using upper & lower case, all upper case, all lower case, or a mix of upper & lower case letters (Ex:  Lansing Eagles, LANSING EAGLES, lansing eagles, or LanSiNG eaGLes).  Your text will be stitched exactly as you put it.  
bulletScript fonts work best with upper & lower case letters.  
bulletFonts that are wider work better on fabrics with a nap (Ex: terry cloth, velour, etc.) & loose knits (Ex: beanies).
bullet Some fonts only have upper case letters.  
bulletWhen adding text, make sure you stay within the size limits for the location chosen.  (4 1/2" for chest or sleeve, 2 1/2" high  by 6" for hat front, & 10 3/4" for center locations).  Be sure to include space between the design &lines of  text in the total size.  (Ex:  3" high design + 1/2" high text above + 1/2" high text below + 1/4" space above + 1/4" space below = 4 1/2" total to fit Chest or Sleeve)